Spring Sipping Egg
Spring Sipping Egg
Spring Sipping Egg

Spring Sipping Egg

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Tough times call for chocolate.

These are definitely tough times and we have serious chocolate. We also have a plan.

Each week (provided we're still able) we'll come up with a wild, delicious chocolate creation that we'll (weather permitting) ship anywhere in the U.S.A. for free. Keep an eye on our website or social media for updates.

An egg awaits you in this box
Filled with goodness, cast with color
Melting slowly in your cup
The taste of chocolate fills your mouth
The intersection of Spring and Drink

Stir one of our SPRING SIPPING EGGS into simmering water until it completely melts and, voila! Drinking Chocolate! We're starting with Creamy Dark (not spicy) and Mayan Heat (spicy) eggs, but watch this space for our other beverages.

One Spring Sipping Egg makes two 8oz servings (mug/bowl size) or four 4oz servings (cup size).