Traditional Croissants
Almond Croissant
Chocolate Croissants with 3 kinds of chocolate
We make them by hand.
Croissants for Saturday, May 21st (in shop pickup only)

Croissants for Saturday, May 21st (in shop pickup only)

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We're making a limited number of croissants monthly that you can pick up at the shop. When you check out, please select Shop Pick Up as your delivery method.

TRADITIONAL croissants are straight-up. Made entirely by hand with local ingredients.

CHOCOLATE croissants each have three different kinds of chocolate inside.

ALMOND croissants are filled with our own almond paste, a splash of house-made vanilla syrup, and a touch of dark chocolate.

KOUIGNETTES are sort of like sticky buns made from croissant dough. I'm never sure what I'll put in them until the morning I make them, but they're usually pretty addictive.

They'll be ready at noon. We make a few extra for folks who walk in after we open.