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Chocolate Bar Tasting Kit

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An easy way to sample many of our chocolate bars at a sitting.

Our Tasting Kits contain a 1 inch sample of

  • Coffee & Cream - Espresso in real white chocolate
  • Bodhi - Almonds & mango in rare Peruvian dark milk chocolate
  • Blues - Pecans & blueberries in relaxed Dominican Republic dark chocolate
  • Quantum - Cacao nibs, cinnamon, and black tea in a crunch bar
  • Chai - Tea & spices in a malty milk chocolate
  • Snow on the Mountain - Candied ginger in white chocolate
  • Picasso - Tangerine & kaffir lime in Peruvian 100% and white chocolate
  • 451 - Cayenne & cinnamon in Central American dark chocolate

Each beautifully-packaged Chocolate Bar Tasting Kit measures 3 by 5 inches (7.6cm x 12.6cm) and contains about 1.75oz / 50g of chocolate.