Ananda Bar
Ananda Bar
Ananda Bar

Ananda Bar

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Passionate Brazilian Dark Chocolate with Rose Blossoms and Star Anise

I created Ananda around a fudgy Brazilian chocolate into which passion fruit is added to the cacao during the fermentation period--the result is unlike any other chocolate. The delicate scent of rose blossoms and heady star anise create a nuanced complexity. A most magnificent bar.

Petals. Persia. Peace.
Cacao. Brazil. Amazonia Burns.
Anise in the shape of Stars.

There is a passion in existence
without which the Cosmos
will collapse. It is called


Each Ananda bar weighs about 50g / 1.7oz and is packaged in an elegant Lokta paper box, handmade for us in Nepal.

Contains cacao beans fermented with passion fruit, sugar, cocoa butter, non-GMO soy lecithin, vanilla extract, Persian rose blossoms, Chinese star anise, and tinted mica lustre dust (for color). Produced in a facility that processes flour and nuts.