Candy Bar

Candy Bar

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There's nothing like a good ol' candy bar, and a good ol' candy bar is even better when you make it with crazy good chocolate and extreme ingredients.

We're talking stuff like rare single-farm Guatemalan chocolate, house-made nougat, our own caramel crafted from local butter and cream. You know, Dancing Lion Chocolate sorts of things.

Flavors change weekly. May contain (nearly) anything.

We typically make 6 to 18 of a given candy bar before we move and and make a new one--when a particular candy bar is sold out, it's gone forever. We're generally (but not always) gluten free, but I won't commit to much else.

STREET ART is a fruit and nut candy bar with a layer of cashew gianduja over pistachio nectarine cloud caramel enrobed in dark chocolate