Silk Flowers Bar

Silk Flowers Bar

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Hacienda Victoria Ecuador 70% with crushed Vietnamese & Telicherry peppercorns, chrysanthemums, and marigolds.

The chocolate is earthy and deep, with gentle floral notes highlighted by flower petals. The peppercorns are coarsely-crushed and fruity sharp.

She arranges silk flowers in a vase  
on the dining room table.  
No thought, no hesitation, elegant  
motion,innate awareness of beauty.  
Dust never gathers;  
silk becomes petals that pale,  
are replaced,  
My memory is sharp.

Each Silk Flowers Bar weighs 50g / 1.70oz and is packaged in an elegant Lokta paper box, handmade for us in Nepal.

Contains Ecuador cacao, Peru cocoa butter, organic sugar, organic sunflower lecithin, peppercorns, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and tinted mica lustre dust (for color). 

Produced in a facility that processes nuts, gluten, and dairy.