Emerald City Bar

Emerald City Bar

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Smooth Mexican Chocolate with Nuts

We make this bar from rare Almendra Blanca white-seed cacao from Tabasco, Mexico. This bar is 70% dark, but the chocolate is relaxed and free of bitterness at any percentage.

Pay no attention to the chocolatiers behind the curtain. They're just here to give you something to smile about, Or perhaps the thing you most desire that you already have.

chocolate should never be bitter but maybe a little nuts. We give you Mexican Almendra Blanca white bean cacao with peanuts, walnuts, and cashews; A bar we wanted and thought we should already have.

Each Emerald City Bar weighs 50g / 1.76oz and is packaged in an elegant Lokta paper box, handmade for us in Nepal.

Contains Mexican cacao beans, cocoa butter, organic sugar, organic sunflower lecithin, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, and tinted mica lustre dust (for color). 

CONTAINS NUTS! Produced in a facility that processes nuts, gluten, and dairy.