Much of my family lives in Panama City Beach, Florida, which recently had a run-in with Category 5 (close enough) Hurricane Michael. Their homes are intact, but much of the region was flattened and many locals are living in tents.

Hurricane ReliefIt's not much, but we provided a bit of respite in our own way: I sent chocolate and the family (when not making casseroles or distributing food and clothes) handed it out for some much-needed smiles.

I've made several bonbons with meyer lemons (my sister's tree was quite happy despite the storm, but my Mom's were a bit less ripe) and tangerines (the tree was definitely upside-down!) that survived the tempest. Some of the bonbons even feature chocolate that survived Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Disasters happen, remain in our minds for moments, and are quickly forgotten. Except by the folks who survive them.

My folk's old house.