Traditional Drinking Chocolate
Traditional Drinking Chocolate

Traditional Drinking Chocolate

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Xocoatl is drinking chocolate the way it was prepared in Guatemala and Mexico thousands of years ago. They served it dark and frothy, often with chiles and spices. Upon his first encounter with Aztec Emperor Moctezuma in the early 1500s, Spanish Conquistador Bernal Diaz Del Castillo wrote

…from time to time, a liquor prepared from cocoa, and of a stimulative quality, as we were told, was presented to him in golden cups … filled with foaming chocolate

We serve drinking chocolate the old way: dark, frothy, and smooth in earthen bowls filled with fragrant foam.


Moctezuma's style: dark sultry chocolate dusted with vibrant blend of spices and chiles. Mayan Heat is vibrant and spicy.


Diaz Del Castillo's style: a blend of dark and milk chocolates, comforting and easy to drink. Creamy Dark is smooth and rich.

How to Make Drinking Chocolate at Home


For each serving, boil 3/4 cup of water,  remove from heat and whisk in 12 pieces of chocolate. Cover and let sit at least 5 but preferably 20 minutes. Reheat over medium-low heat stirring constantly until hot but not simmering. Froth vigorously with a molinillo frother or whisk. Pour into a drinking bowl and enjoy.

One bag of Traditional Drinking Chocolate makes about 7 servings. The molinillo and drinking bowl are sold separately.