Drinking Chocolate Gift Basket
Drinking Chocolate Gift Basket

Drinking Chocolate Gift Basket

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Xocoatl is drinking chocolate the way it was prepared by the Olmecs and Mayans thousands of years ago. They served it frothy in a bowl, and that's how we serve it, too.

Each Drinking Chocolate Gift Basket contains

  • Your choice of Mayan Heat (spicy) or Creamy Dark (not spicy) drinking chocolate
  • A ceramic drinking bowl with our elegant lion logo

Some contain a wooden Molinillo frother, which we import from Oaxaca, Mexico. After preparing the chocolate, create a froth by spinning the molinillo between your palms.

Our colorful baskets are hand-woven in Guatemala by local women, and each contains the name of the weaver.

For couples, I recommend either our Marisol or Chumil baskets, which contain a pair of bowls, a bag of each style of drinking chocolate, and a molinillo.