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Candy Bar
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Candy Bar

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There's nothing like a good ol' candy bar, and a good ol' candy bar is even better when you make it with crazy good chocolate and extreme ingredients.

We're talking stuff like rare single-farm Guatemalan chocolate, house-made nougat, our own caramel crafted from local butter and cream. You know, Dancing Lion Chocolate sorts of things.

Flavors change weekly. May contain (nearly) anything.

We typically make 6 to 18 of a given candy bar before we move and and make a new one--when a particular candy bar is sold out, it's gone forever. We're generally (but not always) gluten free, but I won't commit to much else.

ALL TIED TOGETHER is matcha brown sugar cloud caramel over rose Ceylon marshmallow with cacao nibs in between.

ONE FOR THE ROAD is chewy cherry compote over rich cashew gianduja.

BELOW THE TREETOPS is fresh cherry jelly under a layer of malty pistachio praliné enrobed in fudgy dark chocolate