Cacao Tree Gift Set
Cacao Tree Gift Set
Cacao Tree Gift Set
Cacao Tree Gift Set

Cacao Tree Gift Set

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HEIRLOOM CACAO BEANS are the diamonds of the cacao tree, producing the finest flavor


Our Cacao Tree Gift Set is about helping to save chocolate. It's the perfect gift.

The set consists of a Large Bonbon Sharing Box, a Dancing Lion Chocolate Heirloom Cacao Bar, and a one-year Heirloom Cacao Tree adoption.


Each adopted cacao tree will

  • improve the lives of cacao farmers and their families.
  • support cacao biodiversity at family owned cacao farms
  • provide economic, social, and environmental benefits to cacao communities.

HCP will send

  • A personalized digital adoption certificate, and
  • A card with information about the farm and location, and a photo of your adopted Heirloom tree.

At the end of the adoption period

HCP will send you three chocolate bars made from Heirloom Cacao (these are not made by Dancing Lion Chocolate),  an updated photo of your adopted tree, and the farmer's personal note on the farm's progress.

It costs $180 per year to adopt an Heirloom cacao tree from HCP. The fee is included in your Cacao Tree Gift Set.

If you're purchasing the adoption as a gift, make sure to enter the giftee's phone number and email address when you check out, so HCP knows how to contact them.

Please note that the adoption is handled entirely by the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund; we'll simply forward the payment and recipient's information to them.