Chocolate Art Egg
Chocolate Art Egg
Chocolate Art Egg

Chocolate Art Egg

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Eggs are a perfect form for art, and I thoroughly enjoy making them. Each batch is unique, both in the chocolate and fillings, and in the visual style.

  • LARGE EGGS measure 6" long
  • MEDIUM EGGS measure 4" long
  • SMALL EGGS measure 2.75" long

The current hatchings are

Large Etched Egg: Lemon Creme Marshmallow cast in Mexico Dark Milk 50%. (Only half of the egg is shown in the photo)

Medium Carved Egg: Lemon Creme Marshmallow and Brown Sugar Caramel cast in Ecuador Dark 70% and White Jade. Some are colored (shown), some are luminescent white.

Small Japanese Sumi-e Egg: Fresh strawberry marshmallow cast in Wild Bolivia Heirloom Dark 70%.