Soul - Limited Edition Bar

Soul - Limited Edition Bar

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Rare Heirloom Dark Chocolate 70%


Jenny's intense as her chocolate.
Ecuador, dark, she looks at you with
her soul, intense as her chocolate.

Her chocolate is Aponvinces.
Heirloom Ecuador cacao from Los
Rios: HCP Heirloom No. 10 of only 16
designated. The best of the best.

I scented it with mesquite for nuance,
Rosita de Cacao flowers to
enhance the finish. This is a complex
chocolate, not to be rushed. Taste it
with attention and time.

Each bar weighs about 20g / .76oz and is packaged in an elegant Lokta paper box, handmade for us in Nepal.

Contains cacao beans, organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, organic sunflower lecithin, mesquite powder, rosita de cacao, and tinted mica lustre dust (for color). May contain dairy, gluten, or nuts.