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Much of my family lives in Panama City Beach, Florida, which recently had a run-in with Category 5 (close enough) Hurricane Michael. Their homes are intact, but much of the region was flattened and many locals are living in tents. It's not much, but we provided a bit of respite in our own way: I sent chocolate and the family (when not making casseroles or distributing food and clothes) handed it out for some much-needed smiles. I've made several bonbons with meyer lemons (my sister's tree was quite happy despite the storm, but my Mom's were a bit less ripe) and tangerines (the tree was definitely upside-down!) that survived the tempest. Some of the bonbons even feature chocolate that survived...

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One Recipe One Time

Maybe I get bored easily. I love experimenting with new flavors and finishes. Anyway, chocolate changes with the harvest, and I like adapting flavors to those changes. Blood oranges are fantastic every three years or so, so why would I use them when they're not? Raku finish on chocolate? Metallic? Organic? When the bonbons change with every batch, each new gift box is an exercise in artistic composition. For me, each bonbon is an canvas of flavor, style, and mood. For you, each box is a surprise and adventure. You can follow my bonbon creations on our website at WhatsInMyBox.

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Handpainted Puerto Rican Fish

Puerto Rican 80% dark chocolate handpainted fish. The chocolate is produced by Chocolates Forteza in San Juan from local cacao. While cacao on the island dates back to the 1600s, Puerto Rican bean-to-bar craft chocolate is very new. And given last year's storms, we currently get only about 10 pounds every three months. I mold the fish and my Sous Chef Donna delicately paints each with tinted mica and cocoa butter. They're beautiful and they taste good! You'll find a Handpainted Puerto Rican Fish swimming in each of our Bonbon Sharing Boxes!  

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